Sep 12, 2012

Recommended YouTube Channels For Your New iPad/iPhone App

I can only imagine how many iOS users are spinning in their desk chairs now that Google has released the new YouTube app for Apple users. It makes sense considering that the recent Drive (also with new updates for iOS) and Chrome apps were hits and that YouTube is second largest search engine in the world behind big brother Google. Now what? Sure, you can search aimlessly through the 8 years of new content uploaded each day with hopes of discovering something good.  And while your chances of success may be better using the YouTube EDU page, you really want to move into the power user category by setting up an account and subscribing to some Youtube channels. Here are some of my favorites:

MIT + K12 - A collaboration with Khan Academy (another great pick) to bring high quality content to the K-12 classroom.

TED-Ed - Of course, the TED Talks channel is a winner but TED-Ed does a great job with animation and videos for learning.

NatGeo - National Geographic has wonderful content in many categories and the videos are always high quality.

PBS - How do you go wrong here? Check out PBS Kids for little ones, too.

YouTube Teachers - Want to learn more and connect with other educators passionate about blended learning, media rich classrooms, and engaging kids?  Help to build the world's largest classroom here.

What did I miss?  Please leave your favorites in the comments!

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