Sep 27, 2012

Top Science Tools Via Google

I was disappointed when Google announced that it was discontinuing the development of Google Body along with Google Labs. I felt like it was a perfect example for what the 20% time policy at Google could create and how autonomy and inquiry drive innovation. The good news for the all the power learners and science folks out there is that soon after the demise of Google Body the company announced that Google Body will live on as Zygote Body.

So I was thinking about other ways Google or Google related products can support science, teachers, and all power learners. Here is what I came up with.

Google Chrome users have the wonderful advantage of the Chrome Web Store and Chrome Apps. Here are some science related gems:

  • BioDigital Human is an outrageous visual tour of the human body that includes includes annotated screenshots, a quiz engine, and a number custom options.  
  • Spongelab is a great community of global science folks with engaging interactive games, multimedia, animations, visualizations, and teaching tools. 
  • GeoGebra is a great tool for interactive worksheets helping both math and science educators.
  • The Web Lab from Chrome Web Experiments is a collection sharing the magic of the web and how it works. Awesome for science, art, music and more!
A few more resources:
Please share any other Google tools in the comments!

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