Sep 24, 2012

Google For Good: Entrepreneurship And Other Endeavors

Google officially launched the Google for Entrepreneurs program today. It is a wonderful opportunity for thought leaders to get involved with the creative spirit that Google embodies. According to the official release, Google is looking for startups and entrepreneurs that focus on:
  1. Partnerships with strong organizations that serve entrepreneurs in local communities
  2. Google-led programs to bring our teams and our tools directly to entrepreneurs
  3. Placing relevant Google tools in the hands of startups as they are getting off the ground and ready to scale
It is inspiring to see some of the initiatives that Google is already working with like Women 2.0 and 1871. This made me think about other projects Google is involved in outside of its core business.  Here are some more philanthropic, educational, and other purposeful endeavors led by Google.
  • Google Code-in Contest for high school students starts this November. The goal is to give students the opportunity to explore and work with open source software projects. Check out the contest site for more.
  • Sticking with the education theme, Google hosts a number of other educational competitions, programs, and awards for students of all ages at the Google in Education -Students page.
  • provides "tech driven philanthropy" with world changing projects like Crisis Response, Flu/Dengue Trends, and the Google for Nonprofits Community. 
To learn more and stay on top of other Google endeavors, check out the Google blog directory to subscribe to some of its many feeds.

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