Sep 25, 2012

The Many Layers Of Google Maps

Eric Schmidt mentioned today that Apple should have kept Google Maps for iOS services. I'm sure the opinions on this statement are intense but I am more interested in the other Maps announcement today that Maps for Indoors has now gone to France. And while using Maps to check out the last flight of Space Shuttle Endeavor, take a walking tour of Downing Street, or just find your way home are all worthy experiences there is so much more to do with Google Maps. Start with a brief history of Google Maps here - The video and interactive infographic are great to get familiar with all the great features. Then check out these other great tools and projects:

  • Google Art Project takes the StreetView technology and allows users to take walking tours of the world's great museums. The project also includes a library of information on pieces of art, artists, and user galleries. Check out the education page for more information on art styles, trends, and other topics in the art world. 
  • Google Map Maker lets you submit information and locations to be added to Maps and Earth for the world to see. Want to promote your favorite coffee shop? Add the location with Map Maker to share around the globe. This getting started guide will help.
  • Google Building Maker allows user to find buildings, churches, or other structures that need a 3D rendering for Google Maps and Earth. Users can find a building, design it using web based Sketchup modeling tools, and submit it for approval. Next thing you know, your 3D model in on Google Earth - A great project for students.   
  • Business Photos - Business owners can have photos or virtual tours of their venue taken and added to their location in Google Maps and Earth, Google+, and other Google properties. While the photography work will cost a little money, you will be able to engage customers all over the world with a visual representation of your company.
For even more, add Google Maps to your Google+ Circles and follow the hashtag #gmapstip on Google+.

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